Amazon’s secret Nigerian weapon

Amazon’s secret Nigerian weapon

If you’re a constant listener of the Techpoint Africa Podcast, you’ve probably heard Chimgozirim talk about a drop in startup funding globally. However, it seems funding in the African startup ecosystem is about to become a daily affair again in Africa.

While other startup ecosystems in the West are still experiencing trickles in fundraising, Africa is doing pretty good.

Chimgozirim gave us the breakdown telling us which African countries were seeing more action, and it turns out Egypt and Kenya are leading the way.

Where’s Nigeria? Well, Nigeria is also seeing some funding action but for a country known for leading startup funding on the continent, its numbers paled in comparison.

Listen to this episode of the Podcast to know why Nigeria might not always be number one when it comes to startup funding.

In other news, we talk about Tesla CEO, Elon Musk’s renewed commitment to the meme coin, Dogecoin in the midst of a crypto market crash.

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We also take a look at why few individuals can have so much influence on the crypto market.

Speaking of commitments, Amazon Prime Video has closed an exclusive slate deal for three commissioned feature films with Nemsia Films.

While we delved into Amazon’s strategy to enter the Nigerian entertainment market, the bigger question is, why is it trying to tap into the market all? Estimates say that Netflix probably has less than 50,000 subscribers, so what is Amazon planning to do differently?

Listen to the Techpoint Africa Podcast to get answers or draw your conclusions. You can get it on Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, Spotify or anywhere else you get your podcast

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