Adopt nutritional policy, Lagos govt urges orphanages


The Lagos State Government has urged owners of orphanages and private homes to adopt the state’s food and nutrition policy and plan of action in order to benefit vulnerable citizens.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Youth and Social Development, Dr. Olugbemiga Aina, disclosed this, according to a statement on Monday, during a one-day training organised for owners of private homes and orphanages in Lagos.

He said, “Owners of private orphanages need to be carried along in the nutritional care of the children in their homes so that they can assist in implementing various nutrition intervention plans for the vulnerable citizens of the state.

“The state was determined to ensure that the children were adequately taken care of hence it designed a nutrition policy and plan of action to serve as a guide for operators of homes and orphanages.”

The Director of Child Development in the ministry, Mrs Bukayo Odukayo, implored participants to adhere strictly to all the rules laid down in the nutrition policy as this would go a long way in ensuring the children are guaranteed healthy growth and development.

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The state Nutrition Officer, Mrs Olubunmi Braheem, also explained the importance of the incorporation of essential components of good nutrition in orphanages.

“I want participants to understand that they could use the meagre financial resources at their disposal to meet the nutritional requirements of the children in their care,” she said.

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