Actress Lala Akindoju decries presence of petrol station in residential areas

Kemi Lala Akindoju

Nollywood actress, Lala Akindoju, has decried the presence of a petrol station in the Eti-Osa residential area of Lagos State.

The mother-of-one, in a series of tweets on Tuesday, lambasted the state and the Eti-Osa representative for allowing a petrol station to be situated in a “completely” residential area.

She lamented that the current queues at the petrol stations as a result of the fuel scarcity bedevilling the state has made it hard for residents to get in or out of their homes with ease.

The actress, who is married to popular Nigerian cook, Chef Fregz, also stated the presence of petrol stations in residential areas pose as a threat to lives and property in the area.

She tweeted, “It still baffles me how the Lagos State Government; governor, Jide Sanwo-Olu; and the Eti-Osa representative sat still and allowed an ENYO filling station open in a completely residential area.

“Now there’s fuel scarcity and people can’t get in or out of their homes easily. Let’s not forget the danger to lives and property.

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“We are reminded daily that this does not care about the lives of Nigerians. But I see posters declaring heroism and asking for a continuation of what has started. Yeah, sure!”

Fuel queues hit major cities of Lagos, Abuja and Ogun on Monday, forcing motorists to spend hours at filling stations.

In Lagos and Ogun states, The PUNCH witnessed long queues at several filling stations such as Mobil, Capital, Fatgbems, Enyo, TotalEnergies and NNPC.

Though there were products at these filling stations, which also sold at N165/litre, motorists struggled to get gasoline with which to run their economic lives.

There were also queues in states bordering the FCT, including Nasarawa and Niger.

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