Ace Skit maker, Oga Sabinus Survives Auto Crash

Ace Skit maker, Oga Sabinus Survives Auto Crash

Ace Skit maker, Oga Sabinus Survives Auto Crash: Nigerian skit maker, Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekwu, famously known as Oga Sabinus survived a car accident on Sunday morning.

Video of the crash which happened Sunday morning is currently circulating on social media.

Confirming the incident, Sabinus stated that he is safe and sound.

He wrote on his Instagram page, “Safe and sound, thank you for the calls and care.”

Oga Sabinus, also on his Instagram Live some minutes after the incident, assured his fans that he is safe and well.

Sabinus said, “For the people calling, I am receiving messages. I am okay. Don’t be afraid. The only thing I keep saying is people should avoid drinking before driving. It is the first time I will be seeing a car driving in one lane, and another car in another lane drive into the other lane and scatter the motor.”

Although information surrounding what transpired is still sketchy, it was said that another road user had rammed into the comedian’s vehicle while the latter was driving home from a personal function he had just attended.

In a monologue recorded after the crash, a disturbed Sabinus is seen reassuring fans of his physical safety.

“You know I don’t bring my things online. When I bought the car, I didn’t even post it. This is my first time having an accident. Another car suddenly entered my lane,” the comedian could be heard narrating in Pidgin English.