Abia ex-finance commissioner joins gov race

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A former Commissioner for Finance in Abia State, Obinna Oriaku, has declared his intention to contest the 2023 governorship election in the state under the platform of the All Progressives Congress.

Oriaku, a banker, said he joined the governorship race to foster an equitable distribution of the commonwealth of the state to her indigenes through veritable vistas of development and stop further
deterioration of the state economy.

Speaking at his Oweerinta country home in the Isiala Ngwa South Local Government of the state on Tuesday, Oriaku said Abia State had been a sleeping giant, whereas it was the hope of the South-East and Nigeria for economic emancipation due to her vast resources and human capital.

He, however, alleged that the state was a ghost of what it ought to be as a result of poor leadership which had resulted in lack of infrastructures and delayed development, adding that the state was not beyond redemption.

Oriaku said that about 80 per cent of the entire revenues of Abia State goes to recurrent and over head expenditure while paltry 20 per cent is left for capital expenditure.

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He said he had frowned at such while serving as finance commissioner, pointing out that the current system of governance could not support growth and development.

Oriaku said, “The geographical area called Abia led the economic development of the South-East through the economic policies of
our forebears, who were men and women of courage, principle and integrity which we represent today.

“Today, Abia is a ghost of what it ought to be, ravaged by poor leadership and lack of infrastructures, which is the bane of our development. The good news and promise which l bear is that Abia State is not beyond redemption.

“We shall reclaim our state with honest and sincere leadership, which Obinna represents. Abia shall be great with your support and your decision to enthrone a sincere and passionate leadership come 2023.

“My over two decades of working in the banking sector has taught me the rudiments of the economy. But more practical experience came whilst I became embedded in successive tenures of two former Governors of Enugu State as their official banker and part of economic team.

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“Ostensibly, my four years stint as first, the Economic Adviser to Governor Okezie Ikpeazu, and later Commissioner for Finance in 2015/2019 was the most outstanding.

“The latter experience became interestingly the melting point of my career. It afforded me the practical experience that have deeply honed my managerial economic public sector skills.

“My love and devotion for Abia and its well-being in the first place motivated all the sacrifices I have made overtime and the passion to bring about the purposes of God for our state has kept me moving. It is for this reason that going back to the bank was not an option.

“This zeal and sense of sacrifice made me to leave the PDP, instead of remaining in the party to align with the current system for another party with a more progressive disposition and a platform that will enable me to achieve my lifelong goal to be an agent for positive change. I have, therefore, come a long way and at the point where I am ready to go beyond rhetoric to match my words eloquently with actions.

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“This is that time to test the political waters by seeking to serve Ndi Abia. While the APC is the platform, the people are the catalyst. I am confident of victory because Abia is in dire need of good leadership. Tested, trusted and found courageous, I have vast knowledge of Abia economy having studied its challenges as commissioner for finance.

“Cogent and verifiable evidence is available to prove that I have the antidote to quell further deterioration of Abia economy and welfare of its people if granted the opportunity.

“I promise to partner with good-spirited Ndi Abia in order to usher in a lasting economic solution with an attendant enforcement that will push the policies to fruition.”

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