Abeg becomes Pocket

Abeg becomes Pocket

If you are a Big Brother Naija fan (BBN), then you should know one of the headline sponsors for last year’s edition, Abeg.

Well, on today’s edition of the Techpoint Africa Podcast, we talk about its rebrand to Pocket and its approval in principle of a Mobile Money Operator (MMO)License.

The Piggytech Global Limited subsidiary which has up to 2 million users says it now wants to drive seamless payments and financial inclusion in Nigeria.

While we were able to get PiggyVest Co-founder and CEO, Odunayo Eweniyi to give us some more details on the news, Oluwanifemi couldn’t help but talk about the company’s initial model.

Why does Abeg — now Pocket — want an MMO licence? You’d have to listen to the podcast to find out.

While one startup is getting a make-over, another is saying its final goodbyes. Kune, a Kenya-based cloud kitchen has shut down its operations less than a year after launch.

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Kune’s death raised a debate between Oluwanifemi and Emmanuel, the former believes the startup had an exciting story and model while the latter is of the opinion that the startup was doomed to fail from the start.

Emmanuel gives a short backstory on the company and you get to decide who you stand with.

From a startup’s funeral in Kenya, we go on to discuss some positive news from the East-African country. The controversial ICT Practitioners’ Bill passed by the Kenyan parliament has been rejected by the President, Uhuru Kenyatta.

The President pointed out that the Bill could increase the barrier to entry into the tech ecosystem and be an undue burden for ICT practitioners.

If you’re wondering why the Bill is controversial, you can listen to the details on the Techpoint Africa Podcast available on  Google PodcastApple PodcastSpotify or anywhere else you get your podcast.

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