A Ghanaian Village Of Mafi Dove, Sex Is Allowed But No One Was Born There (Pics)

Mafi Dove Village in Ghana where sex is allowed to make babies and no-one living there in the village was born there.

No one who lives in the Ghanaian village of Manfi Dove was born there. That’s because, according to elders, one of the rules is that women cannot give birth in the village.

According Hannah Kosinah who is 9 months pregnant call out on the villagers to abolish such believe, she said she is not allowed to give birth in her village.

No-one who lives in the village of Manfi Dove was born here she said, because giving birth here is considered a taboo and offence to the gods.

Kwame Tsidiste Gbenua
(An Elder In the Village) said
When their forefathers came to this land there was a voice from heaven that said: ‘If you want to stay in this land,it is holy ground and there are rule’s.’

There rules of the land are that no-one should give birth here, no-one should rear animals here and no-one should be buried here.

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