“98 per cent of Nigerian married men have girlfriends”, other shockers from BBnaija Reunion final week

“98 per cent of Nigerian married men have girlfriends”, other shockers from BBnaija Reunion final week

After 12 thrilling episodes of heated arguments, fights, shockers and heartbreaks, The ‘Big Brother Naija ‘Shine Ya Eye’ season six Reunion show ended on Friday.

The last episode of the reunion show addressed the most controversial relationshipInss on the show, the love triangle, hidden secrets, thoughts and opinions and correct false gossip.

The organisers promised that the Shine Ya Eye Reunion Show, hosted by Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, would be one of the hottest reunions ever. The show sure lived up to the hype.

All 26 BBNaija Shine Ya Eye housemates; Angel, Peace, Jackie B, Tega, Arin, Maria, Liquorose, Beatrice, Princess, Saskay, JMK, Nini and Boma appeared on the show.

Also featured on the reunion show were Queen, Yousef, Pere, Whitemoney, Niyi, Yerins, JayPaul, Saga, Emmanuel, Kayvee, Michael, Sammie and Cross

Boma, Tega’s controversial affair

On Thursday, Boma explained why he was romantically involved with a married housemate, Tega Dominic-Ajebo, in the BBNaija house.

Tega and Boma’s alleged amorous affair took the housemates and viewers by surprise.

The host, Ebuka, asked Boma why he got involved with Tega even when he knew she was married.

Boma and Tega

Boma said: “I didn’t say that what I did was right or wrong, but I knew something other housemates didn’t know; Tega told me she was separated from her husband at that time. But I didn’t say it because it was not my story to tell.”

“95 per cent of married men in Nigeria have girlfriends, probably 98 per cent. I would say things that people are afraid to say. Ninety-five per cent of married men in Nigeria have girlfriends. Who is footing all these girls’ bills? Almost every married man has a girlfriend. Married men are footing all the things these girls are buying.”

However, for the first time after being backlashed by fans for allegedly sleeping with a married woman, Boma explained that Tega had admitted to him. At the same time, in the house, she was already separated from her husband.

“In my head, I was dealing with a single woman,” Boma explained.

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Tega, on the other hand, said that her actions were a strategy she adopted to play mind games on the housemates.

The reality star revealed that she had a chat with her estranged husband before the show, asking him to stay behind the scenes no matter what happened.

Her strategy, however, changed when she came into the house and met Jaypaul.

Tega and Jaypaul have known each other before entering the BBNaija house; both housemates are from Cross River State and seem to be acquainted.

Tegaa Dominic

Like many, Jay Paul said he didn’t know Tega and her husband were separated.

Tega revealed that the fear of JayPaul ruining her well-plotted plans forced her to admit she was still married.

Outside the house, her husband had begun a campaign supposedly to rally supporters for her, or so it seemed.

Ultimately, both stars admitted that they wished they had opted for a less catastrophic strategy.

Tega also said that she considered suicide after months of intense online bullying.

The Big Brother Naija reality star said she lied about being married during the show because it was her strategy for the game.

Tega pointed out that she separated from her husband in 2020 but decided to use marriage as a strategy on the show.

She defended the alleged romantic affair with Boma during the show.

“For a fact, I didn’t go into the show as married. I went in separately. In all my interviews, I clearly stated it. I went in as separated,” Tega said.

She noted that she changed her mind when she came into the show and decided to introduce herself as married.

The mother-of-one added: “During our conversations and introductions, I just said, well, I’m married, and I have a kid. That was supposed to be a strategy.

“Getting deep into the show, I then discovered that this was doing something great in a bad way to me.”

Speaking of her alleged affair with Boma, Tega said: “To me, everything that was going on between Boma and me was all a cruise.”

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During the reunion show, Boma also revealed that Tega told him her marriage had ended, so to him, he was dealing with a single woman.

Tega was criticised for having alleged sexual relations with Boma despite her marital status, which she did not reveal was over then.

WhiteMoney, Queen (reconciliation)

Season six winner, Whitemoney, spoke about the allegations that he blocked Queen on social media.

The 29-year-old reality star addressed the allegation levelled against him by Queen’s fans.

Whitemoney also wondered what Queen might have done to him that would warrant blocking and talked about his fans who trolled her online.


He said: “What is it you did to me that will make me block you? Do you realise that now I know it’s on Whatsapp that you blocked me? I’m not on Instagram. All these while we were talking on the block, I got a rumour that someone from my fanbase was attacking her. I don’t know these things.”

Whitemoney made this statement after Queen accused him of blocking her on his social media accounts after winning the show.

Saskay, Jaypaul and Cross’ (Love triangle)

During the 10th episode of the Big Brother Naija ‘Shine Ya Eye’ reunion, it was all about Saskay, Jaypaul and Cross’ ‘situations’.

The show started with a clip of Saskay and Peace discussing her situation with Jaypaul, and then there were moments between Saskay and Cross.


Saskay said she liked JayPaul and Cross, but the love triangle was beginning to overwhelm her.

When Ebuka then asked if she knew what she wanted and didn’t want to “use grown-up men in their 30s to play her game”,

Saskay also said she thought she could be friends with both JayPaul and Cross without having an emotion.

On his part, Jaypaul said he looked forward to a beautiful friendship with Saskay outside the house and wanted to see her win, but that didn’t happen.

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Jaypaul said he still genuinely loves Saskay despite the consistent attack from her fan base, but she threw him under the bus and betrayed him.

Jaypaul added that he had expected Saskay to defend him, but she didn’t, and she often referred to him as ‘just a friend’ during her media rounds which hurt him.

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Reacting, Saskay said she never ignored him, but she needed time to know what she wanted.

When Cross finally addressed the issue, he narrated how her fans capitalised on a midnight visit to Saskay on her invitation and how they (fans) sparked rumours of sexual relations between them.

Beatrice , Maria fight

Beatrice and Maria had a confrontation that almost led to a physical fight on Thursday night.

Beatrice accused Maria of constantly looking down on her and also using “demeaning words” on her.

She claimed Maria said, “If not for the BBNaija show, I would never have been in the same space with you.”

“She was controlling and looking down on people. I wouldn’t say I like things like that. I didn’t want her to control me. The fact is I don’t like Maria,” Beatrice said.

Maria admitted to talking down on Beatrice because she “has a bad and confused personality”.

Reacting to Beatrice’s comment, she also said: “If you act like me, maybe it’s insecurity.”

The pair after that engaged in a war of words that almost turned physical if not for the timely intervention of other housemates.


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