5 Wrong Animal Stereotypes That Will Make You Rethink Nature

No one knows it all. What you thought was true today may just become false tomorrow. There are a few things we know about a few animals but we don’t really know if they’re true or not. Read this article to learn 5 wrong animal stereotypes we’ve been using to judge animals

5 wrong animal stereotypes

Lions are the king of the jungle
Lions to many people, represent pride. Pride literally a group of lions. Here are some facts about lions:
*Male lions, when in a pride, mostly relies on the females for food. The females mostly do the hunting
*When male lions become the alpha male of a pride, they kill and (sometimes) eat the cubs of the females impregnated by other males
*Lions don’t come first in anything; not in size, strength, speed, niche, etc.
*Most lions aren’t found in the jungle or forest. They can be found in grasslands, wildernesses, savannas, etc.
*Other animals fear lions because lions are social animals (strength in numbers), predators and scary

How can lions be the kings of the king of the jungle if they mostly aren’t found in the jungle? How can lions represent pride when all they do is sleep, hunt for food and eat? Why don’t lions come first in anything? Such kings they are.

Let’s talk a little about tigers:
*Tigers are mostly solitary. They only meet each other accidentally or when it’s mating time. Although they’re solitary, they still hunt successfully and dominate
*They’re mostly found in the jungle/forest. In other words, they dominate the forest
*Tigers are the biggest cats
*Their limbs are so strong that if they die standing, they still won’t fall

Now, who should be the king of the jungle?



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