2023: Nigeria needs investment friendly personality like Peter Obi

Pray so that office holders will use public money for public good, Obi tells worshippers at Lord’s Chosen crusade

From Joseph Obukata, Warri

Mr. Ifeanyi Onukwubiri, the Chief Executive Officer of Travels and Tours Limited (TMT), yesterday, said Nigeria is in dire need of personality like the Labour party Presidential Candidate, Mr. Peter Obi whom he has investment acumen and Pedigree to turn things around for the country.

‘Obi is a business man of high repute and would make policies that wil boost local and foreign investments for the nation’s economy to boom’, Onukwubiri said.

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He said that Obi’s personal track record can take away Nigeria from its present state of hardship with high rate of insecurity.

Speaking in a chat with newsmen, Onukwubiri, said; “The Labour Party Presidential Candidate, Mr. Peter Obi is the only person that will take Nigeria out of this quagmire. Obi has displayed high sense of responsibility following his track record as former governor of Anambra State who used the available scare resources to turn the state around during his reign.

“We need somebody who is investment friendly. We need a President who can spend time to listen to radio, watch television and read newspapers, rather being told by media handlers on latest development of his country and international scenes.

“We need somebody who could spend time to read memos and petitions by aggrieved citizens against his kitchen cabinet ministers of misdemeanors. We don’t need a president who will rule by proxies because of age fatigue.” He said.

He also decried the level of insecurity pervading the nation, lamenting that the spare of killings in some part of the country has become unbearable. He charged Nigerians to vote for Peter Obi who, he said has the interest of the nation at heart. He condemned the killings of Christians at Owo in Ondo state by terrorists.

Onukwubiri however, appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to look into the lingering ASUU strike by resolving it to allow the Universities resume for students to continue their academic activities.

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